Domain Registration

Domain Name Registration

TerraNet S.A.L. offers domain name registration and domain hosting under various top level domains. For more detailed information and pricing please contact the Corporate Sales Department at or  01-961 111
All domain registrations are bound by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) policy

Lebanon ("", "", "", "")

The registration of domains under "", "", "", "", or "" is bound by the terms and conditions of the LB Domain Registry at LBDR. The registration process requires the registrant to submit certain official documents and a signed copy of the LBDR-A Form

Email Services


TerraNet is proud to announce that its email services are Virus and Spam free. 

You can rest assured that your will not be overwhelmed with junk or infected emails. 
All virus-infected emails are deleted at TerraNet. All spam mail is quarantined at TerraNet mail filters, and you will not have to wait for hours to receive unimportant emails any more. And if you are worried that you might lose any critical email by mistake, worry no more. You can review all quarantined messages using TerraNet's filtering web interface, and decide on whether to delete or release the email.

Corporate Email Defense Service 
TerraNet offers companies with registered Domain Names ( the possibility to protect e-mails of their against Spam mails and Viruses. 


For more information, please call Corporate Sales Department at 01-961 111 



TerraNet offers comprehensive web hosting packages that will match the needs of every business. Whether you just want to kick-start your presence on the Internet, or you want to offer sophisticated e-services to users around the world, we have the right package for you. 

Hosting Plans

All our packages offer the following standard features:

  1. Active Server Pages (ASP) Support
  2. FrontPage Extensions 2002
  3. Listing in major search engines (upon request)
  4. 24-hour FTP Access  


Monthly Data Transfer

Disk Storage Space

SQL Databases



Extra Features:

Traffic Analysis (upon request)

Log viewer and analysis

Database Hosting: MSSQL - 2000 / MSSQL - 2005 / MySQL 5.1.34

ASP / ASP.NET Hosting

PHP 4 / PHP 5 / Perl Scripts

JAVA enabled

Python support (upon request)

Custom Error Documents management

Extra e-mail addresses

Email Queue management

Backup Restore functions (upon request)

Single Login interface to manage all your Domain features


TerraNet Co-location Services

Our Co-location service allows you to deploy your Internet applications by placing your own server in our Network Operations Center. This provides you with the following benefits:

  1. Direct connectivity to the Internet.
  2. Reliable power supply, with redundant UPS and automatic power generators.
  3. Climate control.
  4. Secure Access.


  1. Server: Your server must be 19" rack mountable with a maximum height of 4Units. If desired, we can host a tower server at an additional monthly fee.
  2. Security: By default, your server will be directly connected to the public Internet. Depending on your operating system and how you configure your server, this might make it vulnerable to attacks of different kinds. If desired, you can request a firewall service which will increase the security of your machine. 
  3. Accessibility: We recommend that you use software solutions to remotely access your machine. Examples are: Windows Terminal Services, Pc Anywhere, or UNIX shell. We provide limited maintenance by telephone, including basic handling like the reset button, placing a CD, or power cycling the machine. You can also have physical access to the machine for an hourly fee. This fee is requested because physical access requires that one of our technicians stays with you in the computer room for security reasons.

Web Design & Development

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